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Why Choose Safety Netting Contractors London?

Safety netting is a complex energy absorbing system that can only be installed (referred to as ‘rigged’), modified and removed (referred to as de-rigged) by trained and competent people. It is only suitable when other preventative measures cannot be utilised.

Our nets are a faster, safer and more cost-effective solution than traditional methods of fall protection. It allows your workforce to be more productive with the assurity of complete safety.


Working at height comes with many dangers and it is essential that the right precautions are taken in order to maintain safety for all involved. At DTE Scaffolding & Safety Netting Ltd we work hard to eliminate any instances of accidents and injuries that can arise whilst carrying out work on sites.

Our construction safety netting is the ideal solution for protecting scaffolding structures and those who are working at height. The netting can also be used to contain masses of materials, tools and debris from falling and harming pedestrians below the site.

Safety netting is also an excellent form of collective fall protection as opposed to individual forms such as lanyards and harnesses, which are required to be worn by those who are at risk of falling from height. Our safety nets can be installed on a range of projects, including new steel, timber and concrete framed buildings, house builds, factories and bridges across Cambridgeshire and the UK.


Whether you need safety netting for a small domestic project during renovation work or for a major commercial build, we can provide the safe systems of access and working platforms you need. Our team is dedicated to keeping your site personnel, employees and the general public protected from falling materials, tools or debris.

Construction netting, also known as debris netting, optimises safety for workers at height by stopping materials from falling and potentially injuring or killing someone below. It can also be used to protect scaffolding structures from damage. It is a preferable form of fall protection to lanyards or harnesses, and it can be used in conjunction with other systems like safety edge barriers on scaffolding.

Unlike rope, netting has a softer feel that absorbs shock and provides a more comfortable landing if you misjudge your footing at height. It is a popular choice for monuments, as it allows crowds to move easily and doesn’t impact on the free view.


Safety netting for construction work offers a safe method of fall arrest and can be used to protect workers on a variety of different jobs, from building a new steel or timber framed building to repairing an old bridge. It’s ideal for use on scaffolding as it can be attached directly beneath a worker, which minimises the distance of a fall and the potential consequences.

It can also be used to contain falling debris and materials, which could otherwise cause injuries or even fatalities for other workers or members of the public. It’s important to note that a risk assessment should be carried out before using a safety net for construction purposes and it must be rigged, inspected, modified and de-rigged by trained and competent people.

Like any other piece of equipment, safety nets can deteriorate over time and lose their efficacy so it’s essential to get them tested. NW Safety Netting are experts in safety net testing and can help to ensure that your nets meet the high standards required by the Work at Height Regulations 2005.


Working on construction sites comes with its own hazards, but using the right equipment will ensure that your workers are protected. One such safety measure is a construction safety net, also known as debris netting. This net wraps scaffolding structures to optimise safety for the workers using them and pedestrians walking beneath. It also prevents materials, tools and other items from falling from the site.

The netting has a much softer feel than safety rope and acts as a shock absorber to cushion the impact of a fall. The net also reduces the chance of a worker collapsing further, which is a major risk when working at height.

Based in Cambridgeshire and serving the whole of the UK, safety net solutions installs, inspects and repairs construction safety netting. Whether you need safety netting at a small domestic project during renovation work, or for a major steel, timber or concrete framed building, factory or bridge build, our team is here to help.

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