What are Single Vehicle Car Accident Claims?

Even while numerous drivers are involved in the majority of reported incidents of car accidents, there are times when one driver is the only one at fault. Even if it may seem a little unusual, mishaps of this nature occur rather frequently. It is common to believe that you are always at fault in collisions involving only one car. However, that’s not necessarily correct. You are still eligible for recompense for whatever damages you may have suffered regardless of whether the accident was your fault. To find out more about single-vehicle accident lawsuits, schedule a free initial case consultation.

Single vehicle accidents:

Accidents involving a single vehicle are easy to understand. If you were engaged in an accident that only damaged your car, it would be referred to as a single-vehicle accident. Imagine a scenario where a car suddenly spirals out of control and strikes a tree; it would be a single-vehicle collision. Driving under the influence, speeding, driving while distracted, and mechanical problems with the vehicle are some of the most frequent causes of single-vehicle accidents. 

Who will be held responsible?

In all honesty, it varies. If your speeding or drunk driving contributed to the crash, you will be held responsible. However, if the collision wasn’t your own doing and was the fault of someone else—say, because of hazardous road conditions—you can still hold that person responsible. For instance, you could potentially able to hold the trucking company liable for failing to do proper component checks if you are driving a truck and the tire blows out or the braking systems fail.

Well, you’ll be responsible for nearly all of the costs associated with whatever damage you sustained. You can get a ticket for a violation of traffic laws or face criminal charges. It is therefore urged that you absolve yourself of liability. Even while it can appear that it’s your fault, there could be certain things that you’re missing. A personal injury attorney can help you by pointing out the other people who are at fault, and you might be entitled to compensation that you otherwise would not have been.

Final thoughts:

Avoid attempting to handle a single-vehicle accident lawsuit by yourself and refute the belief that you caused the collision. Also, don’t waste any time trying to decide what to do. You should hire a personal injury attorney right away if you were recently involved in a single-vehicle crash. 

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