Need a Connecticut truck accident lawyer? Focus on these aspects

Commercial trucks are heavy vehicles and can cause massive damage in a collision or road mishap. If you suffered injuries as a car driver, passenger, or pedestrian in such a truck accident in Connecticut, it is pertinent that you start the process of recovering compensation. The first step is to get medical attention for your injuries, following which you should meet a Connecticut truck accident lawyer to discuss your case further. If you have never worked with a personal injury lawyer, the process may seem intimidating. We have a few aspects listed below that you must keep in mind.

Beware of promises

Even when an accident lawyer has been practicing personal injury law for years, they cannot promise you anything. Your lawyer has your best interests in mind as they are working on a contingency fee. While they can take steps to maximize the final settlement, they cannot guarantee that the case will move as expected.

Know the attorney

Knowing your injury lawyer is just as important, and when it comes to truck accidents, experience becomes a big point for choosing someone. Ask questions like –

  1. How long have you been handling truck accident claims in Connecticut?
  2. Can you fight against big trucking companies?
  3. If the case goes to trial, will you represent me?
  4. Will you remain personally invested in the case? If not, can I meet the new team?
  5. What are the biggest wins you have to your credit, especially for truck accident cases?

Be honest with the attorney

If you want an attorney to help you with the accident claim, you must tell everything in detail. Connecticut’s comparative fault rule allows an injured victim to file a lawsuit when they are not primarily responsible (50% or more) for the accident. Your lawyer should know the entire story to start the investigation. You should also consider discussing the variables likely to affect the outcome.

Discuss how you can contact them

Because truck accident claims are complex, it may take a long time before you get the money. Regardless of the factors, you should have the contact details of your lawyer. While the legal team will update you on new information, you must have the option to meet them when necessary.

Lastly, share evidence and medical records with the attorney, which will help them evaluate the damages. The worth of your truck accident claim also depends on the losses you have endured.

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