Exploring Whether It’s Good for You to Drink Guava Tea

Guava tea is a beverage that comes from a plant that’s native to Southern Mexico and Central America. It also happens to now be grown in a variety of different geographical regions around the world, with domestic producers being based in Southern California, Hawaii and Florida.

The fruit from the guava plant is intensely sweet, but the aforementioned tea isn’t created from the fruit – it’s manufactured from the leaves. 

All that said, in the current era, there are two countries that manufacture the tea more than any others, and they’re China and India. Having also been used as a way to manage the levels of sugar in the blood, many use it today when suffering from diabetes. 

What Else You Should Know About Guava Tea 

As the beverage has become more widely known across the world, more have been turning to it in order to relieve a range of health issues. Of course, medicine has yet to fully recognise the benefits, however, there are mountains of anecdotal evidence to support it. 

When you drink a cup of guava tea, it’s 99% water, so you get plenty of hydration from a delicious cup of the stuff. However, what you can’t see from the outside are the many minerals, vitamins and nutrients that offer the body a lot of support. 

It’s also a tea that has zero calories, meaning it won’t add to your waistline. So, let’s take a look at a few examples of what we’re talking about. 

Treatment For Diarrhea 

For countless centuries, tea created from the guava leaf has been known to help with diarrhoea, relieving the problem by calming the gut. There have been a few studies that have highlighted the drink can also help to relieve infection and inflammation. 

Keeping Your Blood Sugar Low

Another way in which guava leaf tea is able to help your system is by helping the body to manage how it absorbs carbs from the food you eat. Those dreaded sugar spikes are responsible for the crashes people tend to endure during their working day, guava leaf tea is known to help. 

Fighting Microbes Every Day 

When bacteria or fungus hits you, it can leave you very ill or, at worst, fighting for your life. Empirical studies have shown that there are a bunch of helpful properties offered by guava leaves that help to control them. Tannins, acids and flavonoids all contribute to a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial effect. 

Guava Tea – Not Just a Delicious Beverage to Enjoy

As far as teas are concerned, the blends that use guava leaf as their base are not just tasty but also great for your health. Helping to tackle bacteria, high blood sugar, diarrhoea and free radical damage, it’s a beverage that offers far more than just a nice taste. 

And while we’re on the subject of taste, it does offer a slightly bitter tang when taken straight. That’s why many choose to add honey or lemon to suit their preferences. 

Guava leaf tea is essentially an unsung hero that sits there in your kitchen cupboard, waiting for you to enjoy the flavors and health support on offer. All you need to do to release what’s inside is a kettle and a spare 10 minutes. Now that’s something to get excited about and enough reason to invest in a box. 

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