What You Can Do for Your Child When They Are Struggling With Their Motor Skills

As a parent, it is heartbreaking seeing your child struggling with their motor skills. Whether they’re having trouble with handwriting, coordination, or other physical tasks, there are things you can do to support your child’s development and improve their motor skills! There are practical activities you can accomplish at home to help. But when you need extra help, find a physical therapist near me to further support your child’s development.

Importance of Developing Motor Skills

Your child’s development includes developing and improving motor skills from the beginning of life. Refinement of motor skills lays the foundation for many physical abilities like personal hygiene, feeding oneself and dressing. Not only does developing motor skills help with physical development, but also cognitive and social development. Working on these skills also improves concentration, hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness and problem-solving. Laying the foundation increases learning capability and further success later in life in sports, academics and everyday activities.

Top Tips on Helping Develop Motor Skills

Motor skills  include fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills involve small muscles such as those in the hands and used when eating, writing and getting dressed. Gross motor skills involve large muscle movements like sitting, crawling, walking or running. Developing both types is equally important. By providing different activities and exercises, you can help your child develop motor skills. Take a look below to see some tips on helping develop these skills.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Hold spoons and forks
  • Set the table
  • Pour water into a cup
  • Get dressed using buttons, ties and zippers
  • Open and close different containers
  • Use scissors
  • Finger paint
  • Paint with a paintbrush
  • Use playdough in different ways
  • Draw, color and write
  • Use building blocks

Gross Motor Skills

  • Play games like Simon Says or Hopscotch
  • Dancing
  • Create and go through an obstacle course
  • Practice ball skills like throwing, rolling, playing catch and kicking
  • Gardening
  • Use the playground equipment at the park or in your backyard

When It Is Time To Call a Physical Therapist

It is critical to know the signs that may indicate your child needs help from a physical therapist with respect to your child’s motor skills. If you notice your child has a delay in crawling, walking or other milestones, it might be time to find physical therapy Escondido CA. Other signs to look for are issues with difficulty in coordination, balance or participating in other physical activities. A physical therapist will assess your child’s motor skills and create an individualized treatment plan to help improve motor skills.

Helping your child overcome motor skill challenges is crucial for their development and overall well-being. By understanding the signs of motor skill struggles and taking proactive steps, you can make a significant difference in their progress. From providing a supportive environment to engaging in activities that promote motor skill development, there are many things you can do at home. However, it’s important to remember that seeking professional help is essential for long-term improvement.

Finding the right physical therapy near me specializing in pediatric motor skills can provide expert guidance and tailored interventions that address your child’s specific needs. Take the first step towards helping your child by finding the right physical therapist who will help guide you through the growth and development of your child.

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