What to Do the Night Before Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty patients need to make sure they are well-rested and avoid eating anything after midnight. This is important to avoid regurgitation, where food or water comes back into the lungs Imeetzu. They should also avoid drinking anything for the night before surgery. This can help speed up their recovery.

Before your surgery, wash your face thoroughly. Do not wear any make-up. You should also exfoliate your face every couple of days. This helps remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin for surgery. Additionally, you should drink plenty of water, even more than normal, Thedocweb so that you are well hydrated.

Before your surgery, Koinsbook you should arrange to get lifts to and from the clinic. You should also prepare some simple meals for yourself that will be easier to eat after your surgery. A low-sodium diet is a great choice as it will prevent fluid retention and swelling. You should also make sure you wash your hair the night before the surgery. During the recovery period, Mynewsport you may experience swelling and soreness.

During the recovery period, you should try to consume as many healthy foods as possible. This will help you relax and recover. Besides eating healthy, Getinstagram you should drink lots of water. It’s also best to avoid alcohol and salty foods.

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