What Is Privatization of Education According to Different Scholars?

Privatization has been discussed as an effective way to improve schools and reduce costs. It also empowers parents by giving students more choices in their educational experience. Some students perform worse than public school students, allowing families to choose the best school for their children. Some advocates of privatization cite the advantages of vouchers and year-round schooling, both of which are effective ways to increase the choice for students. The private sector also can design more customized curricula and streamline structures.

The intention behind privatization is to reduce costs for each community, but it does not necessarily translate into lower costs. Private companies will only take over a school if it has a reputation for providing better education. Moreover, school expenses may rise by 60 percent or more when moving from public to private. This could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars for each family, and the educational process may not deliver desired outcomes. In such a case, it would be necessary to change accountability efforts to ensure that children receive the best education possible odisha discom.

Privatization can be a part of larger state restructuring. It occurred in Thatcher’s England and in Pinochet’s Chile, where political debates over the future of the countries triggered calls for increased private investment in schooling. Although there have been a lot of arguments against these programs, it is clear that they both resulted in improvements in efficiency and increased economic competitiveness. This book will help readers understand the benefits and drawbacks of privatization in education and in public service sectors.

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