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What Does Drywall Look Like?

What does drywall look like? Drywall, also known as plasterboard or wallboard, is a lightweight, noncombustible layer of paper sandwiched between two layers of gypsum. This makes it a convenient material for wall construction, as it is less expensive than other types of wall materials. Drywall is a staple in the billion-dollar construction industry, but the convenience it provides also comes with a price.

Before the invention of drywall, building interiors were often plastered. Gypsum blocks were laid over a straw lath to create walls, and Egyptians used plaster for their homes and buildings. Throughout history, drywall construction has become an excellent alternative to the more traditional plaster and lath method. It is also easily installed. But, how does it work? You can learn more about drywall by reading this article.

First, you can tell the difference between plaster and drywall by testing the walls. You can check for a plaster wall by trying to remove a screw or electrical socket cover. You’ll likely find a wall with flaking paint. If you’re not sure what kind of wall you’ve got, experts recommend a pushpin test. If a pushpin is stuck through the wall, you’re dealing with plaster. If it sticks out easily, you’re dealing with drywall.

Once you’ve determined which type of drywall you want, you can start the installation process. Drywall installation is simple and quick. Drywall boards are cut to fit the dimensions of the walls. They’re then secured to the rough framing in the house. To create a smooth and even surface, the installer will use joint tape or a fiberglass mesh tape. To make sure that everything is secure, he will then cover the walls with a thin layer of joint compound. Finally, he will apply a skim coat, which is a layer of finishing compound that minimizes the visual difference between mudded and paper areas after painting.

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