Top 7 Devices for a Better Life

The simpler and more pleasant your life, the more time you have to do other things. Here are the smart appliances for your daily life.


It’s your smartphone, only on your hand. Connect the gadget to your phone and receive all notifications, even if these are News from, messages, and emails instantly. Answer them and your calls. Monitor your health, sleep and nutrition, workout with pre-made programs and add your own. Shop, control your music and camera on your smartphone. You can also install apps on your watch.

Case in point:

Jane wants to get everything done, so she can’t go anywhere without a smartwatch. At the gym, she chooses a ready-made workout program and monitors the indicators: heart rate in the fat-burning zone, running speed and the number of calories burned.

If the song doesn’t fit the rhythm of the workout, it switches it on the watch while the phone is safely on the shelf. Sees all the chats, so is aware that the rally is at 5:00 p.m. Manages to go for a swim. As she walks to the pool, asks a colleague to correct her presentation – sends a message using the watch.

She drives to the office and sees on the dial: no rain in the evening. So she can wear a dress on her date and replace the watch strap with a black one to win everyone over.

At 11 p.m. Jane goes to bed, the watch mutes all notifications and still holds a charge.

Most smartwatches only work in conjunction with your phone. But there are also smart appliances of their own, with a SIM card, their camera, and an NFC module for data transfer.

You can buy a good watch with a basic set of functions for a reasonable price. You should consider the work time without charging, compatibility with your phone, the screen, and also the equipment. For example, the gadget can be sold without a charger.

Fitness Tracker

It will track your heart rate, sleep quality, step count, calories burned, and calories consumed. Measures oxygen in the blood – such an important indicator in the pandemic. There are also bracelets with built-in memory for music and GPS.

More expensive models can measure blood pressure, temperature and even take ECG. However, no one guarantees 100% accuracy of the results, so a trip to the doctor bracelet is no substitute.

All data about physical activity is collected in reports, so the user can constantly monitor his health. Activity control is continuous: you can swim with the bracelet, you can see everything in bright sunlight. The results can be assessed immediately – it’s motivating.

Prices are affordable, and there are many offers on the market. If you are ready to buy something more expensive, you can get almost a personal trainer with training programs and a large number of indicators. Just remember to assess the compatibility of the gadget with your smartphone and pay attention to battery life. For example, the color screen eats up a lot of battery power.

Wireless Headphones

You mop the floors, listen to an audiobook, and your phone doesn’t fall out of your pocket every time. It’s even in charge in the room.

Or an urgent work call – take out the headphones and talk right away. And no wires tangled up tightly.

Wireless headphones are a really useful gadget for home and life. There are options for all the features and preferences of the user. You can choose to listen to music (in-channel) or with enhanced noise cancellation, for example, to fly safely in an airplane. There are earmuffs, overhead, full-size, with a headset.

Pay attention to the Bluetooth version. The standard ones work from the fourth, but the 5.2 version allows you to transmit sound with less power consumption and connect multiple pairs of headphones to one device.

Battery capacity – and here’s the first downside. Small wireless headphones don’t last more than 10 hours autonomously, so you need to charge them in time. There are models with removable wires to connect to your phone. That way you won’t be left completely without headphones at a crucial moment. The noise canceling system also eats up the charge. The more active you suppress, the more often you charge.

If you are worried that the little headphones will fall out of your ears, get a special strap. You can hang them around your neck if you don’t want to put them away.

Some headphones don’t have the strongest microphones, so you may not be heard because of the noise outside. Evaluate the control method: there’s push-button, touch-button, and combination.

Keychains or Cards to Protect Against Loss

An indispensable useful gadget for the home if things are forever magically missing. Or, for example, if your car gets lost in the parking lot.

The accessory transmits data to your smartphone about every 10 minutes and beeps when you press to find the item. It works the other way around, too, so the tracker can help you find your phone.

Some key fobs can replace security passes, discount cards and even bank cards. You can also attach it to your pet.

Smart Speaker

One of the most necessary things for the home, especially if you’re putting together a set of useful gadgets. The habit of voice control is formed quickly. And here you are already a hero of a futuristic movie: turn on the kettle, set an appointment in an hour, turn on meditation and call a cab – so many things to do in a minute.

What the speaker can do:

  • Turn on playlists, stories, movies, radio.
  • Answer questions and tell facts.
  • Call, call a cab, order food.
  • Control lights, climate, smart electrical appliances.
  • Remind, wake, make itineraries, and more.

Damp Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot will spray water and then pick up wet dust and hair more efficiently than dry cleaning. Its work won’t free you from washing the floors forever, you will still have to clean yourself once every 1-2 weeks. But for daily maintenance of cleanliness the gadget is perfectly suitable.

Robot goes around large objects and walls, overcomes low thresholds, but will not go down the stairs, because he has a sensor. And it has a rubber bumper for greater interior safety. And you can set a route and set limits with special stickers.

The robot vacuum cleaner has cleaning programs:

  • In automatic mode, the vacuum cleaner will independently choose the path of movement.
  • If the room has little furniture and a lot of space, the zigzag program is suitable.
  • If you choose to clean the corners, the vacuum cleaner will pass along the wall throughout the room.
  • There is a spot cleaning for particularly dirty places.
  • Wet cleaning can be with a cloth or water tank.

The start can be set on a timer, including from a smart speaker or smartphone. Come home – it’s fresh and clean.

Pay attention to the power supply of the vacuum cleaner. The more powerful the battery, the longer the smart home gadget works autonomously. Some models hold a charge for up to 180 minutes, so they can clean large spaces. It’s also better to buy lithium batteries, they last longer.

Docking station for recharging is better to install on the wall, away from heating and electrical appliances. It’s important that the robot vacuum cleaner isn’t prevented from connecting to it, such as wires.

The robot will pick up fine dust even at the minimum, but crumbs and hair can leave, so it’s better to buy a vacuum cleaner with an indicator from 1 500 Pa.

Robot Window Cleaner

It’s difficult to clean windows cleanly, especially outside. You can wait for mountain climbers, and then quarrel with the management company because of the divots on the glass. But this is long and unnerving, so it’s better to trust the job to a professional – a robotic window washer.

It sticks to the glass due to the powerful suction power and cleans even the toughest dirt. It can work from the mains cord or autonomously for about 20-30 minutes.

The washer is secured with a safety cord, so there is no need to watch its work. You can set the program in advance on your smartphone or control it with the remote control at the moment of cleaning.

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