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Elina Danielian is an Armenian-born chess grandmaster who has been playing professionally since she was a teenager. She has won numerous international tournaments and is the only Armenian female chess player to have achieved the prestigious title of Grandmaster stepnguides. She is also the highest-rated female chess player from Armenia and the highest-rated female chess player from the former Soviet Union. Danielian began playing chess when she was just six years old and quickly became a master at the game. In 1994, she won the World Girls’ under 20 Championship and was awarded the title of Woman International Master. In 2003, she won the Women’s World Chess Championship and earned the title of Grandmaster, becoming the first ever Armenian woman to achieve the feat filesblast. Since then, she has gone on to achieve a multitude of successes, including winning the 2005 Women’s World Team Championship and tying for first place in the 2010 Women’s European Individual Championship forum4india. She has also represented Armenia in numerous international chess tournaments, including the Chess Olympiad, held in Turin in
1. Throughout her career, Danielian has earned a number of prestigious awards and prizes oyepandeyji. These include the title of Woman Grandmaster biographycon, the Gold Medal at the World Women’s Team Championship allmeaninginhindi, the Gold Medal at the Women’s European Team Championship, and the Gold Medal at the Women’s World Team Championship. As of 2021, Elina Danielian’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, which she has accumulated through her successful chess career. Danielian’s approach to chess strategy has been hailed by many of the world’s top players as extremely effective. Her ability to combine psychological and positional strategies has allowed her to develop an edge over her opponents and has made her a formidable chess player biharjob.

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