The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Car in London: Everything You Need to Know

When you’re all set for your vacation in the UK, the last few little details shouldn’t get in your way. Once you have almost everything sorted, you don’t want to fall short at the car rental stage. None of the process is particularly complicated or difficult, but if you don’t know the details, you might find yourself paying much more than necessary or missing out on certain opportunities. We’re here to help you avoid that.

Your Documents

In the UK, there are a few basic documents required to rent from Fairview vehicle hire as well as any other company. They’re likely the same documents you would see in your home country, with perhaps an exception or two:

Your driving license is the most obvious requirement. No legitimate rental company will ever let you pick up a car without proof of your driving ability. If you somehow find one that’s willing to rent to you without asking for your license, run the other way; that’s not a trustworthy rental.

Similarly, you need your passport or some other form of valid identification. That allows rental companies to make records of business dealings.

For payment, you’ll need to leave a deposit with your credit card. Some companies might accept a debit card, but most only accept credit. This is the safest option for all parties involved.

You’ll need something to confirm your stated address. That can be an electrical bill, lease agreement, or anything with your name on it connected to the property in question.

Last but not least, you’ll want to arrive with rental insurance handy already. This protects the rental car itself in the event of an accident, which stops you paying a fortune. You can buy that from the rental company itself, but that will usually be the most expensive option. We recommend finding an independent provider who matches your needs and budget.

Road Safety

If you come from a different country, driving might be quite different in the UK. Like a few other countries, UK vehicles situate the driver on the right side of the car rather than the left. That means that turning will feel very different, and it might be disorienting if you’re not used to it. Similarly, many rules typical of other countries might be mirrored on UK roads. Beyond that, the same rules apply for hazards such as phone usage while driving.

Similarly, if you come from North America in particular, you might not be used to roundabouts, These are commonplace in the UK but rare across places like the US. These road features allow drivers to safely take turns and without slowing traffic at intersections. They’re intimidating if you haven’t used one before, though!

City Conditions

The best thing to know before hiring a car is what you’ll be working with upon arriving. Simply put, London is an extremely busy city. The traffic will be hard to avoid, and the city will be busy at all hours. It’s important to factor that into your itinerary; there’s no way to hack the business of London.

So, with all of that said, you know the good and not-so-good of hiring a car in London, are you ready to make a booking and plan a big roadtrip through the city streets?

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