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Computer Solutions UK is a leading supplier of IT support services, including computer repairs and network integration. We can provide business IT solutions to the SM industry, specifically focusing on customer service and the customer’s needs. IoT Edge ComputingWas introduced to ensure that businesses’ SM systems would be accessible through their mobile devices. With over 18 years of experience, the company has a reputation for reliability and provides several IT solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. Businesses need reliable IT support to run efficiently and implement new technology such as IoT Edge Computing

1. Early Life

Patrick Harrington founded Computer Solutions UK and has been in the industry since September 1994. He was born in Liverpool, England, on April 25, 1966. Patrick received an Oxford Education (A-Levels), a Manchester University BSc in Psychology, and his MBA from Harvard Business School. Patrick started his career as a data systems analyst and worked with computer systems in 1990. The company had two main areas: IT sales, consulting services, and CBB Systems. IoT Edge Computing can store and process data within its domain.

Business Computer Solutions started in November 1993 after Patrick Harrington left Hymans Robertson and focused his attention on the development of Computer Solutions UK in Preston, Lancashire. As his business grew, Patrick focused on customer service, and he ensured every customer had a dedicated account manager to assist them with their IT requirements. As a result, Computer Solutions delivered an exemplary level of customer service, which helped them become one of the most successful SM IT support providers in the United Kingdom. Today, Computer Solutions has grown into a multi-award-winning company with over 300 employees worldwide.

2. Career

Throughout his career in IT, Patrick Harrington has received many awards from his peers, including “IT Professional of the Year” and “IT Professional of the Year” for SM for three consecutive years. He has also received these awards for three straight years as an SM manager. The first award was in 2007 when he was awarded the “Service User Representative of the Year” prize, during which he had to “make a good impression on each new customer.”The second award was in 2009 when he again made the top ten list and won the “The Best Overall IT Professional” award.

IoT Edge Computing was introduced to make sure that the SM systems used by businesses would be accessible through their mobile devices. With over 18 years of experience in the SM IT industry, Computer Solutions can provide business IT solutions to small, medium, and large companies. In particular, Computer Solutions can support IoT Edge Computing and supply SM solutions and services. The company has a reputation for reliability and provides various IT solutions for the SM industry.

3. Achievements

IoT Edge Computing has earned over 50 industry awards for its innovative software and services. Recent awards include The SM Export Award for “Best Software” in 2012 and the Service Management Forum Innovation Award (SMi) for “Best Use of Technology Improvement.”With over 300 employees worldwide, Computer Solutions UK is one of the largest SM IT support providers in the United Kingdom. The company has had great success and is an industry leader in several different services. 

Their commitment to excellence, reliability and high customer service has resulted in many awards for Computer Solutions. Computer Solutions strives to provide exacting customer service. Customers should be able to contact their dedicated account manager if they have any queries or problems with their IT support. You must look after your customers to keep them happy because they will bring you more business. Therefore IoT Edge Computing will be an advantage for many companies shortly.

To succeed in the SM industry, you must be a good communicator. Everything has to be done quickly and efficiently. You must have patience with the customers and give them advice on how they can get better service. The future of Computer Solutions is bright because the company is becoming more successful every day. Above all, you must make sure your customer is happy so they will tell their friends or go back to your company repeatedly. If you meet a customer who has been in contact with IoT Edge Computing, you can tell they are well-respected and very professional in their work.

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