Simple Hacks for Home Relocation

A big house means big questions! How to move all the furniture? How to pack a bunch of stuff? How do you get them down to the first floor so you can take them out and load them into the car? All of these questions fall on your shoulders and, frankly, there is no desire to solve them, and you think youd better play instead. But there is good news! Moving from a private home can be organized so that it will take only one day, and it will be easy and pleasant. How to do it? You just need to properly prepare for the house move. If you want a stress-free home relocation, learn more about hiring the best moving company. Look for reviews, testimonials, and credentials to make an informed choice and ensure your belongings are in safe hands.

The Main Nuances of Home Relocation

Usually there are a lot of things, furniture and appliances in the house. Therefore, the main nuance is the volume of things and their number – it affects the duration of the move. You will have to calculate the exact amount of things to choose the right truck. Be prepared that the more floors in your house, the more voluminous, of course, you will need a truck, and possibly an additional furniture truck.

Besides belongings, furniture and appliances in your home’s outbuildings, there’s usually a lot of gardening equipment and various tools. Don’t forget to count them too! Since you’ll still have to pack up all the stuff, prepare it and pack it away, you can lay out all the inventory and tools on the lawn and measure them already at the start of the move. Remember that some tools have their own packaging (if you still have it) – measure by it.

Usually domestic moving is done over long distances. From this comes the following nuances:

  • You need more time than for a regular move.
  • You need to pick the right time to avoid getting caught in out-of-town traffic on the highway.
  • You need a reliable vehicle that can withstand rough roads, and possibly off-road.

There isn’t always easy access to the house. If you realize that a truck won’t make it to the property gate, try to arrange a “track” in advance for loading. It’s best to buy some special mini carts – it’s convenient to transport several boxes at once and will fit large household appliances.

Just Before You Move, It’s a Good Idea to Do an Audit

This applies to things, tools, gardening tools and accessories. Get rid of unnecessary junk! Anything you don’t need, give to friends; some things you can sell online, some things you can give to charity. The less things you have to pack and move – the easier and faster your home move will be! Having it all in one day is much better than moving things out of the house for days on end.

Don’t Overload Boxes

You will only strain your back, and also there is a risk that the bottom will tear and things will end up on the floor. Try to leave a little space inside, and the bottom of the box can be additionally taped on both sides.

Be Sure to Label All Boxes

Both with belongings, as well as tools, supplies, and accessories. Put instructions on both sides of the box (the one who will carry boxes through the rooms, will say “thank you” for this, plus increase the speed of work because you will not have to look for what box for what room is intended).

All Equipment and Tools Should Be Transported Cleaned and in Their Original Packaging

Wash the lawnmower in advance, clean all garden tools of earth and dirt and dry them – this is done so that things don’t spoil unnecessarily and don’t rust. You will protect the apartment or house you came to from unnecessary dirt after unloading.

When Disassembling Furniture, Fasten All Small Parts, Fittings and Connectors Directly to the Furniture

You can use small bags and tape for this. This is necessary so that you don’t lose all that little stuff during the moving process. There is no worse story when you almost assembled a cabinet, bed, dresser – and one screw is missing. Ziploc bags are great for this.

If You Have a Lot of Furniture, Then It’s Worth Ordering a Special Furniture Truck for the Move

First, you’ll save your health and you won’t have to carry heavy things, and secondly, you won’t spoil your furniture – it will fit in a large special truck for sure.

When Loading Into the Truck, First Load Heavy and Bulky Items

This means household appliances, furniture, large tools and equipment. And only lastly should fragile light items be loaded. This way they will be the first to be unloaded, and you can put them in a safe place or room so they won’t get damaged. If you are looking for heavy equipment machinery then browse our selection.

Don’t Skimp on Transportation

It’s important to find a truck in good technical condition. And that it can overcome difficult access to the house if the road is bad. After all, you can’t hope for perfectly smooth asphalt outside the city. That’s why the truck must be reliable, and things must be well packed.

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