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How Do I Get a Real Estate License?

If you are planning to start your own real estate company in Bangladesh, you need to know how to obtain a real estate license in Bangladesh. The first step towards getting a license is to register yourself with the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh or the Land Developers Association of Bangladesh. The application for this certificate should be submitted along with the entity’s incorporation papers, TIN certificate, bank solvency certificate and other necessary documents. Once registered, you must renew this certificate every year.

There are three types of entities that you can register with the government of Bangladesh – Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Business, and Private Limited Company. The last one is not available to foreign investors. In Bangladesh, a sole proprietorship is a separate legal entity, and the owner is personally responsible for any liabilities that arise from the business. The best option is to register with a private limited company.

To start a successful real estate portfolio in Bangladesh, it is necessary to know how to quickly scan the market and identify good properties. There is always a risk of losing money on a property investment, but you can minimize this risk by monitoring the market and studying the price trends. Keep an eye on average apartment prices in the country, and note these trends when buying properties. When you have an eye on the market, you can buy properties that have high potential for growth.

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