Fun88 Egypt’s Book of Mystery – a Slot Game with Attractive Rewards

The Fun88 Egypt’s Book of Mystery will satisfy those who are passionate about pyramids. Looking for a game with a mysterious ancient Egyptian culture. The reward of the game goes without saying, it can only be described as high. Let’s experience the mysteries that are kept for thousands of millennia in the game.

Information about the game Egypt’s Book of Mystery Fun88

Egypt’s Book of Mystery at Fun88 attracts many gamers. Those who love traditional gameplay mix a little bit of originality and novelty. Even when no bonuses are activated, the base game mode is incredibly fun. Especially the Wild and Scatter symbols in the game go to a whole new level.

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The plot of Egypt’s Book of Mystery game 

The opening image of the game Egypt’s Book of Mystery Fun88 is a fierce sandstorm. There was a camel, exhausted from thirst, still dragging its feet in the vast desert. Next to it was a kind man who shared his water with it. 

After that, the two slowly walked towards a building in the distance. The bell hanging from the camel’s neck rang with each step. There was a cloth bag tied on the hump, holding various books.

By the time we reached the grave, it was already dark. However, the man still recognized the two statues standing guard in front of the door. This is the final resting place of a pharaoh. 

The tomb door has 4 bricks engraved with different symbols. Will he discover the secret behind the mysterious book on the camel? And can this book help you decipher the symbols and open the tomb door? Readers, please join the game to help this guy find the answer.

Game interface

The interface of the game is designed with yellow sand and many Egyptian motifs. Looking at it, the game is a bit classic. The melody shown in the slot game makes players think of the ancient East. Along with that is the sound design of the reels and symbols. 

The Red Sea and the undersea world. Or the night covered with thousands of stars. The silence of the desert and the view of the mountains at sunset. Winner’s boat on the longest Nile in the world. The luxury hotel offers a wide range of services for discerning travelers.

All these images have contributed to creating the game Egypt’s Book of Mystery Fun88. Each appearance in the game has its own mystery and meaning, please note.


Icon of Egypt’s Book of Mystery at Fun88

Learn more about the paying symbols in the Fun88 Egyptian Book of Mysteries. From there it is easy to know when to make more money. The symbols that appear in the slot game include: 

  • The magic book is also the Scatter symbol.
  • Tutankhamun’s mask is a Wild symbol.
  • God Horus
  • God Anubis
  • Snake
  • Ra’s symbol
  • The key to life
  • Scepter
  • Icons A/K/Q/J/10

Scatter symbols will not contribute to the total prize pool. However, they are still useful because they allow players to use bonus features. Wild will appear on all reels except the first reel. Of course, players should know that the Wild can substitute for any other symbol. 

Betting Limits 

The special feature of Fun88 Egypt’s Book of Mystery is that no one knows how many paylines it has. The number of rows will vary from spin to spin on a fixed 6 reel. This makes it difficult to calculate the player’s bets. Usually, one spin costs 0.2 cents.

Dramatic payouts of slot games

The first and most important step is to decide what you want to achieve. Game The Egypt’s Book of Mystery Fun88 has many interesting payout levels. Up to 80x your stake can be won from 5 paintings of God Horus. The combinations give 50x and 40x to God Anubis and Snake respectively. 

The lowest payout rate offered by Q/J/10 is 4x. There is no progressive prize so the player will get a fixed reward. With the Scatters symbols that trigger the Free Spins, there are different payouts:

  • 15 rounds with 1x multiplier.
  • 10 rounds with a 5x multiplier.
  • Five rounds with a 10x multiplier.
  • Mystery Choice mode can randomly activate 1 of the 3 modes above.

How to play Egypt’s Book of Mystery Fun88

Egypt’s Book of Mystery at Fun88 is a simple and easy slot game for players. Bettors just need to adjust the amount they want to bet and then select the ‘Spin’ button. 

Fun88 Egypt’s Book of Mystery also offers autoplay mode. That is, the player can choose to press the ‘Auto’ button to have the camera spin if desired. As a result, play faster with the option of x5, x10, x20, x50, or x100 auto spins. In addition, there will be many features that bettors visit and discover for themselves.web series review

The possibility of winning Egypt’s Book of Mystery for Fun88 bettors

With Fun88 Egypt’s Book of Mystery, the Return to Player (RTP) level is up to 96.75%. This means that the bookie edge is only 3.25%. It can be seen that the player will win the top prize compared to other games. 

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Discovering Egypt’s Book of Mystery Fun 88 will bring an extremely interesting time. At the same time, smart bets bring great rewards. สมัครสมาชิก Fun88 and visit this mysterious game.

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