Bonuses and Promos: Best Offers for Sports Betting on Maxim88 Casino

Online casino Malaysia games are entertaining and rewarding. It gets even more enticing when you play in a reliable and fair online casino that offers lucrative bonuses. In recent years, top betting platforms have learned the importance of supporting members with generous offers. These bonuses don’t only promote players’ chances of winning but foster a loyal relationship between members and the gaming platform. 

Among the most generous betting sites in Asia is Maxim88. If you are a registered member, you must have probably encountered some exciting bonuses. For those who intend to sign up on the gaming platform, you can expect a memorable gaming experience. This is largely due to the fair, quality, and entertaining betting and gaming options on the Malaysia online casino. Slot games, live casino games, fishing games, and sports bets are available. You can also bet on computer games via esports bets providers. 

Speaking about sports betting Malaysia and esports betting, interested patrons enjoy competitive odds from multiple bet providers. Also, hundreds of sports markets are available with different match bets and tournament bets. Regardless of your preferred sports markets on Maxim88, you become eligible for some dedicated bets when you play sports betting. Learn about the top bonuses for sports bettors on Maxim88 casino below:

Michael Owen Welcome Bonus

While you don’t necessarily need to be a sports betting enthusiast to win MO Welcome Bonus, it’s one of the most lucrative offers for newbies. The bonus offers an incredible 225% of your first-time deposit on the betting platform. In other words, you get more than double your deposit by claiming this offer. However, Michael Owen Welcome Bonus is not without terms and conditions. If you can meet the requirement, then you can claim the bonus and utilize it. 

First off, you need to be a first-time depositor on Maxim88 to qualify. Also, it is mandatory to deposit at least MYR50 to your sports game wallet. If you meet these two conditions, proceed to choose the MO Welcome Bonus from the promo code menu. It is also worth noting that you need a turnover of at least 28 times to utilize the bonus. The turnover requirement is easy because it includes games played with both your other bonuses and deposits. Endeavor to harness the MO bonus to play more games and enhance your winning rate.

Maxim88 Cash Back 

Unlike MO Welcome Bonus, this offer comes into play after you have already played several bets across the week. Sometimes, it may not be the most rewarding week, and it is completely okay to lose. However, as part of Maxim88’s effort to encourage ethical and responsible gaming, the brand offers cash back to compensate members who accrue losses from all providers except Allbet. In this way, you get to recover some of the money lost. Many bettors feel good about such rebate down the week. 

As with any other bonuses, Maxim88 Cash Back has its requirement. Firstly, you need to be a registered member of Maxim88 casino to use the offer. Secondly, you must have accrued at least a loss totaling MYR1000 across the week. Bear in mind that net losses are considered, which means the gross loss minus the loss accrued from playing using bonus and rebate offers. Depending on your VIP status, you can win as much as MYR8,888 with the offer. 

Maxim88 Treasure Your Loyalty Event

Here is another mouthwatering bonus worth harnessing on Maxim88. This offer enables the registered patron to win as much as MYR388 from the betting site. However, the most exciting part of the Maxim88 Treasure Your Loyalty Event is that you are already making yourself eligible by depositing in your casino wallet since January. This offer doesn’t have any special requirement to meet the minimum number of deposits per month. 

For instance, you need to deposit at least five times and MYR1,000 in January to claim the offer. If you manage to have a turnover worth MYR 8,888, you get to receive free MYR88. For February, you need to deposit at least ten times and MYR 2,000 with a turnover of MYR18,888 to claim MYR 188. If you can deposit more than 15 times, accruing MYR 4,000 by March with a turnover of MYR 48,000, you get a remarkable MYR 388 and MYR 100 grab voucher as an extra prize. 

Daily Reload Bonus

Maxim88 ensures players get a chance to win freebies every single day. One of the approaches to ensure such an objective and keep players happy is the Daily Reload Bonus. This offer is open to every registered patron who transfers at least MYR 50 to the sports provider’s wallet. Also, slot game and fishing game players can claim this offer. You need to send the minimum amount to any of the slot games or fishing game providers’ wallets. Be informed that Game Play, Microgaming, Playtech, Mega888, 918Kiss, and Pussy888 slot games are exempted from Daily Reload Bonus.

By depositing in a sports provider’s wallet, such as CMD368, BTi Sports, or Saba Sports, you will be rewarded with 20% of your daily deposit. For instance, if you deposit MYR 100 today and bet on Soccer games in the Premier League, provided by CMD368, you will be rewarded with MYR 20. The higher your daily deposit, the more your bonus will be. However, be informed that the Daily Reload Bonus for sports bets is capped at MYR200. For slot game and fishing game providers, it is capped at MYR 300. Be informed that the bonus will be sent to your sports game, slot game, or fishing game provider, depending on your option. 


Maxim88 is committed to assisting players with a fair, entertaining, and rewarding betting experience. All sports bets on Maxim88 are fair and rewarding. Players may choose to play via BTi Sports, CMD368, or Saba Sports provider. Esports bets are available if you prefer to stake on possible events or outcomes of a virtual game. Regardless of your preferred option, Maxim88 has multiple bonuses in place to help you win. The bonuses discussed herein are hugely generous and do not involve impossible requirements. In other words, they are not only exciting but easy to claim. Feel free to explore other bonus categories on the Malaysia casino and claim them. Good luck with Maxim88 casino. 

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