What is the Best Mobile Spy App for Android?

Have your kids been affected by mobile use? Have suspicions created barriers between you and your partner? Modern day family life has seen a ton of disruptions and distractions happen because of the frequent use of technology.

People spend a lot less time interacting face to face. This causes suspicions and forces people to use spy apps, spy software to track the other person’s mobile activities with discretion. These apps have a wide variety of features to help the target gather information from the target mobile.

The data thus stored can be accessed anytime and anywhere from a central location.

Part 1 – Best Mobile Spy Apps for Android

There are a lot of mobile spy apps out there claiming to be the best spy application for android but how many offer those kinds of features? Lets take you through the best mobile spy apps for Android mobiles. Read the list below

1. Spymaster Pro

It is one of the most popular spy application available in the market. It has been well regarded as a highly rated spy app by customers and experts in the spy software. It has a very easy to use interface and is highly accessible even to the least technologically aware individuals. The good thing about the software is available in more then 10 countries.

The information is transferred to a central console and can be accessed from any device connected to the internet and any browser.


It is compatible with the Android version 4.0 to 14. Spymaster Pro is one of the few spy apps to have compatibility with the latest Android versions.


  • Advanced features like Geo-fencing, listening to calls, etc
  • Remote spying with no alerts to the target user
  • A quick installation process that takes a mere 5 minute or less with no icons on the home screen
  • User-friendly interface for easy access
  • Real-time GPS location tracking with extensive details
  • Live screen-shots of mobile activities
  • 24*7 customer support in multiple languages


  • Does not offer a free trial
  • Does not work on computers, tablets, Windows, and Blackberry

2. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is also used by a large number of people to keep track of their children and employees. It is quite well rated and has sizable popularity among its customers and the tech community.


  • Stealth Commands
  • Call Logs
  • One time fee


  • Additional charges for extra features
  • No free trial
  • Poor customer support

3. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is especially known to used on employees and children. Its popularity results in it being in the top 5 best spy application for Android in the market. They use it to get detailed information like GPS locations, SMS tracking, mobile activity, etc from the mobile you want to spy on.


  • Blocks blacklisted apps
  • Call logs


  • Lacks compatibility on the latest devices
  • Costly to the competition

4. Guest Spy

Guest Spy is known to offer many tracking and spying features to keep a close eye on a target mobile of your choice. Its simplicity has attracted a big amount of non-tech users and hence many parents have used it to track their kids, young or old.


  • Listen to surrounding sounds
  • The remote activity allowed for spying from a distance


  • Online chats not available
  • Limited features compared to the competition
  • Can’t listen to voice calls
  • Limited customer support

5. App Mia

App Mia is also one of the best spy apps in the market to track all important information on someone’s mobile. It is mainly targeted to the scores of worried parents and anxious employers out there. It has recently been updated a little to slightly improve its performance.


Local US laws don’t apply as it is not based in the USA



High price

Customer support breaks down

No blocking capabilities

Part 2 – What are the Reasons for using Spy App?

It is a reality of modern times that so many people around the globe have started using spy apps in their daily lives. Some who like to reminisce about older times may call it a curse, but some may just call a fact of the changing times.

The fact of the matter is that technology keeps evolving and changing every day. As many positives there are in that respect, there are also negative consequences too. These consequences affect parents, spouse, family members, employee, etc and we list some of these big reasons which make people use a spy app.

1. Employee Tracking

In a work setting and especially when it’s a large corporate setting to a trust a large number of employees becomes a big gamble. This way the company is able to ensure proper work culture during work hours and no one is wasting any time roaming around or something else.

In some cases, employees have been caught sending sensitive company information to the competition. Such actions cause massive damage to the company and spy apps can help prevent this from happening.

2. Kid’s Internet Tracking

Children are using not just mobile at an early age. They are learning on their own on how to use the internet on mobiles at an alarmingly young age. As such, they don’t possess the required maturity to navigate the internet with patience and understanding.

Kids are prone to quick excitement and naive thinking that makes them trust anyone, and this may make them the target of predators and hackers. Plus, a big majority of kids have reported being cyber-bullied online and that is a rising concern of these times.With Spy app you can also track GPS location of kids.

3. Easy to Use

These spy software apps, for the most part, have a very easy 3-step process to get access to the software after which you start getting the information you seek. Once you purchase the spy software, you download it, enter some password and then check to ensure the software is connected.

The user interface is fairly easy for the most part and is understandable even for a technological layperson. The process has been kept fairly simple to ensure there are no hurdles in using it.

4. Multimedia Tracking

Every smart-phone comes with a high-quality camera nowadays. Kids take hundreds of photo every week or so and post them online without much thought. Sometimes they end up sending a personal and intimate photo or video to a total stranger they have just met online without realizing the consequences.

They engage in a new trend called ‘sexting’ and even send intimate photos. They don’t think about the adage, ‘What goes online, stays online’. To track multimedia files becomes a must for parents so as to minimize some of the damage by either blocking or completely deleting any pics before they could send it.

5. Invisible

The best part about these mobile spy software apps is that they remain invisible on the device that you are spying on. There is no icon on their mobile screen or any mobile alerts or notifications to make them aware that their mobile is under surveillance.

Since there are legitimate reasons for someone to spy on mobile they are constantly worried about the target device realizing that spying is going on. They will come to know that an app is blocked but not how. 

Part 3 – What are Things to Know Before You buy a Spy App?

Before purchasing any spy app software, few basic things need to be kept in mind so that there is no confusion later on or any problems.

>>> The person who wants to spy on the target phone must have some access to that mobile. It is required to download and install the app on the mobile. There will be no other downloading require in addition to that.

>>> Compatibility is a key component when it comes to any software. Hence, when you are downloading a spy app, it is important to check the device and its operating system compatibility with the mobile spy app. You will find the list on the company’s website.

>>> Internet connection is also required on the target device or else the whole process will not proceed as promised, whether the internet is network or Wi-Fi. Without the internet, the spy app won’t download, install or get activated on the device. Many of the tracking features in the spy app also require Internet access.

>>> A few spy apps won’t give the user access to advanced tracking features if you don’t root the target device.

>>> Spying on someone’s mobile is a tricky area. In some places and states, it is not legal. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you check the local laws of your region pertaining to mobile app spying and make sure you are not violating any local law.

Part 4 – How To Get Started?

Step 1 – Buy a Spy App

The first obvious step is to purchase the mobile spy app of your choice. It is advisable to buy the product from a company of repute and if it shows all the features you need. After the purchase, your e-mail inbox will get an e-mail containing your login information and further instructions.

Some spy apps may require you to get permission from the target device owner.

Step 2 – Download and Install the Spy App

The next step would be to download the mobile spy app that you have selected. Once, the app is installed then you can remotely and discreetly spy on the target mobile through a web interface.


As you read at the beginning, when it comes to providing a wide variety of features in a mobile spy app and that too at an affordable price, Spymaster Pro tops the list. It is getting regularly updated and recently got an update too. It is also helped by a 24*7 customer care that is available in multiple languages which is getting new additions too.

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