Should the Laptop Meet the Requirements of a Game?

Ideally, the hardware of your device should fit the software, and the software should fit the hardware – much like the size of a shoe should fit the size of a foot. You can’t run far in tight, narrow shoes. The same way a weak laptop (just like a weak PC) may not be able to cope with a cool new game.

In a laptop, due to its compact size, the connection between hardware and software is even more tight than in a desktop. Laptop manufacturers do what they want, each trying to pack in as many different features into their hardware as possible, because of the great competition on the market. Thus, it is even more important to not overburden a tightly-stuffed device.

Where to check the requirements of a game?

You can search in two ways:

  • locally – inside the game;
  • globally – via the Internet, using a search engine.

It should be noted that the search will find the same requirements regardless of the way of searching. Well, at least they should be the same.

Why you need to consider the requirements of the game

There is often a situation when a capricious game or some piece of advanced software with high requirements is installed on a mediocre device. Such a program has a serious appetite, and the laptop or PC won’t be able to provide the necessary resources. As a consequence, it will begin to choke.

The list of serious, demanding programs includes many modern computer games, as well as some widely-used programs such as Photoshop. Laptops, tablets, smartphones – compact devices that combine many different functions – suffer the most. Your laptop may not be old at all, and still struggle to pull a solid game.

Gaming PCs differ from workstations. They are more powerful, have the best graphics cards, more impressive RAM and free space on the hard disk. As for laptops, a gaming laptop isn’t that common yet, albeit the demand for these devices is growing right now. Compared to a similar gaming PC, a gaming laptop usually doesn’t look that great.

Of course, modern games are often processed not only by the device of the user, which serves as a terminal, but by the game’s servers. In that case, perhaps the main requirement is a good Internet. But all the requirements rolled out by game developers should be considered by the user in order for the game to function normally, as well as to avoid various problems that cause frustration and annoyance.

What if the laptop does not meet the requirements of a game

Check the requirements before purchasing a game. It may turn out that the laptop of yours is unfit for the game: for example, the memory is not enough, or the video card is outdated. The reasons for an unfortunate mismatch may vary. Don’t forget about the Internet speed as well – it can be a troubling issue.

Alas, things can go this way not only with games, but also with heavy programs that consume a lot of resources. If the laptop does not meet the requirements set by the developers of the game or some software you need, consider upgrading your device, or running the game on lower quality settings – these are the mainstream tips for those who happen to deal with such a problem. Remember: the requirements are not set well above the actual demands of the software. If it says 16GB RAM, you pretty much need 16 GB RAM. Maybe even more – to be absolutely sure it runs smoothly and safely.

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Modern gaming, of course, comes with its own set of challenges. If your hardware is unable to meet the demands, you’ll have to play the game on lower quality settings. If the game crashes, be prepared to spend some time on relevant forums or upgrade your device – something that is much more difficult with laptops than with PCs.

The good news is that the games themselves are now much more accessible than they were in the past, even with all the requirements your device has to meet. The access to good laptop repair services is also much better – thanks to the specialists from the Smart Addiction team.

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