Apex Legends 5th Year Celebration Event!

Alongside the revamp to the game formula with Season 20 of Apex Legends: Breakout, they’re also releasing a bunch of new content, rewards, and stuff to celebrate Apex Legends’ 5th anniversary! 

For those seeking cheap game points, prepare to dive into the abundance of new free rewards. Ensure you’re ready to start farming for them before they’re gone!

Let’s get straight into it!

The 5th Anniversary Community-Created Reward Tracker!

To celebrate the 5th anniversary, Apex Legends has once again collaborated with the game’s Community Artists to create a community-created reward tracker. The new reward tracker is filled with fantastic cosmetic items including skins, banners, loading screens, event packs, and more!

To unlock items on the reward tracker, you’ll need to complete challenges up to 5000 points so there’s a fair bit of free stuff to redeem!

Here are some of the fantastic cosmetics you can earn with the reward-tracker –

  • Prowler skin – Flurry Furry by artist Kohltrast
  • R99 skin – Lightning Aura by artist Clairepngart
  • Epic Banner – Nightwatch by artist Dara la Malice
  • Epic Banner – Cute Overload by artist Mizu
  • Epic Banner – Cutie Claw by artist Minty Crows
  • Epic Banner – Cute and Deadly by artist Nessepack
  • Loading Screen – Artist Yamadapan
  • 3x Trackers – AlmightyYandere
  • Ballistic Legend skin – Ursa Major by artist ThunderGotch
  • Bloodhound Legen skin – Eternal Rebirth by artist NighteStudio

New Legendary Squad Set Cosmetics

In addition to the Community-Created reward tracker, Apex Legends are also releasing new Legendary skins inspired by fan-favorite squad leader skins. These include Mirage’s ‘Tin Man’, Pathfinder’s ‘Retro-bot’, Catalyst’s ‘Lunar Elegance’, and more!

Completing and collecting the entire Anniversary Collection will also award players 150 Heirloom Shards which you can use to unlock a Prestige Skin or Heirloom you’d like from the store!

New Bundles in the Event Store

The Event Store has got a pretty significant refresh with a bunch of new bundles like the “Fashion Forward” pack, “Low-Profile” bundle, “Net Runner” bundle, and more! 

They’re also bringing back some of the previous anniversary squad skin bundles and an upcoming Valentine’s Day Sale so keep an eye out on the Event Store if you’re looking for any of the past anniversary skins and sets!

The New Straight Shot LTM!

Lastly, Apex Legends has unveiled a new LTM called Straight Shot that’ll take place on the revamped Thunderdome Mixtape map released with Apex Legends: Breakout Season 20. 

The Straight Shot LTM will bring the familiar Trios gameplay loop in a condensed, fast-paced setting perfect for players who don’t have as much time to play for longer sessions. There are a few important changes that come with the Straight Shot LTM. 

Here are some of the important things to note before diving into the new Apex Legends LTM – 

  • Players will spawn above random POIs without a Jumpmaster. Every POI on the map will contain two teams so you can fight immediately or run away from them to find some loot. 
  • The ring closes in on a smaller portion of the map at the start of a match. 
  • Lobby size reduced to 30 players max with shorter rounds. 
  • Once eliminated, you can requeue with your party immediately in the death screen menu. 
  • Weapons spawn already kitted with attachments of different rarities to improve the loot experience and time taken to equip. 
  • Faster-paced battles with a focus on movement and shooting rather than looking for the best loot. 
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